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Getting a Domain name

What is a domain name and why do you need one?

A domain name is the address of your website and generally starts with "www" and commonly ends in ".com", ".ca" or other suffix. You lease the domain and can have it moved to another hosting company if you wish.

Let's suppose you own a business called the "MyDreamSpot". You could have a website created and host it with us with an address such as "" OR you could have your own domain name such as "". With the first option, you are using our name as your main location and "" becomes a part of your web address. With your own domain, you have better product identification and more flexibility.

Another advantage is that you can create email addresses that are easy to remember and won't change. Suppose your Internet Access Provider is "" and they set up your email as "".

Customers go your site, email you and then when you email back they might become confused.

This is fine, but you might also be limited in what name you can get. Maybe with their service you have to be

With your own domain, you can set up email the way you want. You can set up

you can use the names you want and create more consistency in your email.

There are two options in setting up an email address. One is to make it an actual email account, which means you must log in with a user name and password to check your emails, in addition to any other email account you presently have. The other option is to set it up as a forward which means that email addressed to will be forwarded instantly to your existing account at or what ever your current email address is. Again, you own the domain, so you can always set up addresses that end in your domain name should you change hosting providers. Naturally, we would like you to stay with us though.

A final and less-known advantage to owning your domain name is that the search engines, which are like the index of the web, will look in a domain name to find words that people search for. In other words, if someone searches for the word "dreamspot", the search engines will find "" before they'll find "", giving you a higher ranking in the long list of sites that they display.

Now that we've convinced you that you need a domain name, here's how to get one. The best way is to have us help you. We have helped countless clients get great names. Some people come to us after the fact to get a new name because they got a name that is not working for them.

You can engage our consulting service and we will help you find the right name for your business for a low consulting fee. Or you can search for one right now
Search for a domain name:
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We get our domains through

ProsperityWebs <<< click here to go the ProsperityWebs site.

When getting your name at ProsperityWebs, be sure and check "hosting elsewhere" and put in

for the name servers.

You will get a great deal and great service through ProsperityWebs, we recommend them for domain purchasing and web design and maintenance services.

ScienceHosting focuses on hosting to insure that you get superior hosting at a great price!

If you are planning to set up a website and host it with us, it's better if you provide the DNS (domain name server) information to the domain registrar at the time that you obtain the domain. The DNS information required to point your domain to our servers is:

  • Primary:    
  • Secondary:    

Remember, if this is too complicated for you, just contact us and we'll be glad to help. We do not sell domains ourselves, so there is no incentive for us to get you one, other than to help get your site hosted with us.

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