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If you have a domain name pointed to our servers, we can set up your emails

Instead of being known as or some other difficult address to remember, you can set up one or more email addresses that end with your own domain. There are many advantages to this, one being that you can change access providers and never have to worry about your email address changing. This is important because over time, hundreds of people will have saved your address, and you probably have it printed on your stationery and advertising materials.

Here are some of the many email services we can provide:

  • E-mail Accounts: This is an actual e-mail account with a log-in and password and storage for your messages. You may set up any prefix before your domain name, such as "".
  • E-mail Forwards: This looks just like an email account, but messages sent to your new address are forwarded instantly to your "real" address. As an example, messages sent to "" would be forwarded to or whatever address you give us. The advantage to this is that you only need to use one log-in and password to retreive your email.
  • Web-based e-mail: If you have email accounts with us, you may use a browser to check for messages from any computer with Internet access. It's quick and easy to log in, check and reply to messages, and log out again.
  • Autoresponder: We can set up your mail account to automatically send a message to confirm receipt and tell people that you'll personaly reply soon, or whatever you would like to say.
  • Catch-All account: We can set up an email account so that if someone types a wrong prefix, the message will arrive in whatever account is set up with this feature. In other words, if your address is "" and someone mis-spells it "" you'll still receive the message.

We can help you set up your emails and answer any questions you might have. If your domain is hosted with us, it just makes sense to have matching email addresses.

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