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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and our responses:

  • How do I get a domain name? Do I really need one?

    - You can go to any domain registrar and search for a name, then purchase it online. We recommend that you use ProsperityWebs because of their easy interface and low cost (9.95 and less)

    If you are planning to have us host your web site, we'll be glad to help you with the process of getting a domain name.

    - You can get along without a domain name by using part of your web hosting provider's name in your address. For example, "ScienceHosting" could use an address such as "" rather than having their own domain name.

    Of course, "" is much easier to remember and will improve search results and be a permanent name, regardless of the hosting provider used.

  • Why should I pay you for hosting when I can get it free.

    - Hosting services vary in quality. "Free" hosting always comes with a hidden cost - they generally offer poor quality hosting with many interruptions, often have bandwidth restrictions and throw their advertising at your customers.

    Generally speaking, if your business site is on a free server, it won't provide a very strong impression of your business. We provide flexible web storage space - the average web site requires less than a single meg of space. We provide what you need and your space grows as your needs do.
  • I think I'd rather use a local hosting service. What if you have problems with your servers?

    - All hosting companies including local companies can have problems with servers. We have multiple servers in various locations around the country and the world. This provides "redundancy" which means that your web is protected and stays online.

    If you were with a local company they only have servers at their location. We protect you from local companies insolvency and we match and beat prices so you save money and get better service.

    We provide protection for you and expert support.

    With our Affordable Protection plan you don't have to know how to find a new host, obtain their DNS information, contact your domain registrar to modify your records with the new DNS info, move all your files to the new host and set up any e-mail accounts? We can do this Could you do this in 24 hours?

    Most people are concentrating on their businesses and wouldn't know where to start and wouldn't want to. This is where Science Hosting comes in. We act on your behalf to keep your site and e-mail addresses running by constantly locating new hosting solutions and implementing them to provide greater redundant protection.

We'll add to our FAQS section as new questions come in. Please contact us by email or phone with your questions.

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