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Website Development

Your Website may be the first impression people will have of your business

Here are some things to consider when developing a website:

  • Is your site being authored by hand, or simply generated by software? What's the difference? Many web designers know little or nothing about the basics of page design - the fact that browsers only look at code and have to interpret it into visible pages. And that each browser will do this a little differently.

    At Science Hosting, we focus on hosting and connect you with high quality Web Designs companies such as Prosperity Webs so that you every site we host has been developed for both aesthetics and speed.

    ProsperityWebs and our other design partners have designed hundreds of webs and apply their knowledge to improve the speed and accuracy of your pages, how they display and how well they will rank in the search engines when someone conducts a search for your product or service.
  • Are graphics being optimized for best format and smallest file size? Does your web designer know when to use a "gif" image and when to use a "jpg"? Will your text load before the images do for people with slower connections? Will having unnecessarily large image files result in higher bandwidth fees at the end of the month?

    Our partners such as ProsperityWebs know how to optimize graphics and Flash elements in order to keep the site as fast and streamlined as possible, saving you bandwidth and saving your visitors time.
  • Thinking of having an existing site re-designed for a new look?

    Our partners do can do that. Prosperity Webs can create an entire site in Flash, or just add some Flash elements to parts of your site. Our animated top graphic on this site was created in Flash and includes our active navigation system. Unlike some sites with slow-loading Flash intro screens, our partners develop Flash that will load as quickly as a simple graphic file, yet provides animation and interactivity.
  • We adhere to strict policies and principles. Our web allies are chosen because they can design our clients websites to function correctlly on the widest variety of platforms, browsers and screen resolutions.

With experience in web development since 1997, Science Hosting is your best choice for hostiing and consulting about web issues. We stay in the loop during the design stages and are never satisfied until our clients are.

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