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Online Promotion of your Website

How to attract visitors to your website.

There are many ways to get traffic to your website. Some are very obvious such as putting your web address in all your other stationery and advertising materials.

However, the best way to get people on the web to find your site is through the major Search Engines, such as Yahoo or Google. There are only about 8 or 10 search engines which account for over 95% of all searches, and these are the ones you need to be listed in, and when someone conducts a search, your site must show up near the top of the search results. Science Hosting has been accomplishing this difficult task for clients since 1998 and can do the same for your site.

Here are some common questions and answers about search engines:

  • I paid a company to submit my site to thousands of search engines and directories and they guaranteed I'd be submitted so why do I need your services?
    - Your site was likely submitted using automated submission software - they guaranteed to submit your site - but that doesn't mean that your submissions were accepted. Most search engines have filters in place to reject automated submissions.

  • The search engines say I can pay them to get listed faster. Is this a good idea?
    - In our opinion, no, because the search engines state that paying them does not guarantee that they'll even list your site at all, and the free listings do eventually get picked up. It could cost close to a thousand dollars for a paid listing in some of the major search engines.

  • I did my own site and submitted it myself. Why isn't that working very well?
    - There are many factors which determine how high your site will be ranked in search results. The search engines have softare which looks at a number of factors related to your site. First off, they look at your domain name, the title of your pages, and the visble text on your pages. Some look farther at hidden tags on your pages as well. In addition, they rank you by "link popularity" which is a measure of how popular your site is based on links to your site on other popular sites in their directory. All these factors must be taken into consideration and balanced in order to acheive results.

  • The service provider I was with before already submitted me to the search engines so why do it again?
    - This is a good question. Years ago, most submissions to search engines tended to "stick" better than they do today. Because of search engine submission software and the millions of new sites, a program of regular site re-submission must be set up in order to stay in the search engines. We have seen that sites who we have successfully listed in a search engine may disappear after a short time period. It seems to be that link popularity determines whether a listing will stay or not, and we have developed an optimum schedule of how often to re-submit sites to the various search engines.

  • Why do you have to submit my site manually when other companies do it with software?
    - As we mentioned earlier, most search engines will automatically reject automatically submitted sites. The manual submission is very time-consuming but gets results, because the search engines see a real human at the other end, not a piece of software which can easily be abused.

  • How do I increase my link popularity?

    Whether your site is new or old, or whether you host it with us or elsewhere, we can help get you more traffic to your website through search engine optimization of your site, and our time-tested program of regular manual submission to the major search engines.

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